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President of the Institution of Engineers of Kenya

Fellow Engineers,

Election Observers and Scrutineers,

All protocols observed,

I am delighted to be here today during this Annual General Meeting of IEKafter a peaceful and successful election which was held on 12th April 2018. I feel honored and humbled that you elected me as your new president for the period 2018/2020. Let me take this opportunity to thank you all for your confidence in me and for the support I have received during the electioneering period. I wish to declare on my behalf and on behalf of the new Council which has been duly elected that I accept the great responsibility you have bestowed upon me as the President.

Fellow Engineers

I want to take this opportunity to thank our predecessors for the work they have done to bring IEK to where it is at the moment. They have done their part and I wish them success in all their endeavors as we continue to work together for the success of the engineering fraternity in Kenya.In the same breath, I want to congratulate the new Council Members and assure them my support as we embark on the heavy task ahead. The expectations of the entire engineering community are so high that we may have to double or even triple the effort we initially intended or anticipated to put into IEK during our campaigns

Fellow Engineers,

As I outlined in my Five Point Agenda during campaigns, Engineering is central to the growth of any country and contributes significantly in enhancing economic growth and quality of life and this is why engineering as a discipline should get the attention it deserves.We shall therefore as a Council upon assuming office after a seamless handover focus in the following areas:

1. Training & Seminars

- Expand training programs and seminars beyond the traditional Contract Management & PIP
- Consider heavy subsidies especially for the fresh and young graduates, this thru collaboration with the industry, NITA & the relevant Government agencies
- Closely enhance collaboration with the regulator EBK

2. Enhance Communication Network for Members

- For members, IEK website can be used as a central depository for opportunities visibility, attachment placement, internship etc

3. Publicity and Outreach Programs

- By engaging the media actively in coverage of all our activities

4. Research & Development as well as Innovation

- IEK as the premier society of Kenyan Engineers must be in the frontline to support, look for opportunities for its members to pursue research as a way to answer/solve emerging issues affecting the population

- Close coordination with the relevant government agencies to source for funding and encourage members to pursue research for the public good

5. Enhance University-Industry linkages

o Closer engagement by IEK and the industry (Thru MoUs)
o Partnerships with NITA
o Closer collaboration with ACEK and her membership
o Explore other ways

- In order to reduce the GEPE gap, IEK to come up with ways in which post-university training is made easy and possible so as to grow the PE numbers

6. Accreditation of University Engineering programs & Registration of fresh graduates)

- IEK and the regulator EBK to review emerging engineering courses and its relevance now and the coming future (e.g. Oil & Gas exploration in Kenya may have seen programs such as Petroleum engineering relevant, yet these programs are not yet accredited by EBK)
- Work closely with EBK, to have a structured internship aimed at providing opportunities fresh graduates

7. Strengthen the IEK branches and make them semi-autonomous and self-sustaining

- Devolve IEK to ‘Mashinani’
- Make IEK branches autonomous
- Fund the branches thru Grants

8. Membership Drive

9. IEK Strategic planning

- We have an expired strategic plan
- Need to prioritize this thru the creation of a select committee to pursue this.

10. Resource Mobilization

Fellow Engineers,

I pledge my Commitment to you in realizing the above and endeavor to promote the basic core values of excellence in programme delivery; commitment, responsibility and accountability; and teamwork. My work plan as your President is clearly cut out in this regard, I will be working closely with other government agencies to achieve our objectives

I, therefore, count on your invaluable support as we endeavor to promote Engineering in Kenya and in the region. I, however, do realize that sustainability of IEK depends on ownership and active participation by the Members themselves.

Fellow Engineers

In conclusion, I want to thank Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) for the support and cooperation we have continued to have and more specifically appreciate the technical support and the positive mutual relationship we have had in promoting engineering in Kenya.I look forward to a strengthened cooperation during my tenure as the President of IEK since we all have an obligation of restoring the prestige of Engineering in Kenya and beyond. May I say that we as engineers have the opportunity to build Kenya and Africa in general through Africa by Africans initiative.

May God Bless you all and IEK.


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